coaching philosophy

Coaching is the most transformative process we can engage in when looking to make real change, grow and move closer towards our greater potential. Coaching is about identifying and overcoming personal and professional challenges while having an expert help guide us through the process of ‘actualizing our already existing, inner knowing. Coaching is also about helping clients create distinctions that lead to insights and powerful ‘ah ha’ moments that become actionable.

I have worked to study and provide valuable coaching in several specific areas to support client’s personal and professional goal achievement. Providing a private, non-judgmental space for individuals to work through tough obstacles to learn about themselves and grow is a priority. As an ally for client success, I take the work very personally.

Mission –

To help individuals “Level In and Up” on a journey to exceed their known potential in their personal, work and spiritual life.

Professional and Personal Coaching Options

There is no substitute for a good coach, period. If we want to meet our goals and do it in a far shorter amount of time than anticipated, we need support. Coaching is often about distinctions, so being honest and determining what type of coaching is needed is important. Clients can engage with any of the different types of coaching. Individuals can shift coaching after goals are met or with a discussion about how the new approach would increase success. What type of coaching would you benefit from the most, right now:

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Relationship and/or Divorce Coaching
  • Grief Coaching
  • Millennial Coaching Program