“Dave has a unique coaching gift and abilities that exceed prior coaches I have worked with before.”

“It doesn’t matter what your business specializes in. Dave will help your leaders grow and become more effective. Great investment!”

“It is clear Dave really cares, he is easy to talk to and made the coaching process something I truly enjoyed.”

“Dave’s strong basis in knowing the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of personalities, moods, motivations, ethnicities, cultures, intellectual capacities, and life experiences allowed him to create and present a powerfully important program. Dave has so much to offer and I would strongly encourage any school or business leader to engage his unique abilities and human presence in the effort to build better work — and better-working — communities!”

“Dave Gerber Falls into the top 1% of all speakers I have ever seen. I was so impressed with Dave’s performance and process that I was delighted to join his efforts on his advisory board!”

 “Best presentation and training in 39 years of civil service!”

 “You are going to want to get Dave in front of your leaders and entire organization…he will light a fire and get people moving in the same direction, while helping us to laugh and have fun at the same time. His presentation will absolutely, positively impact your organization from top to bottom – and back up again!”

“Refreshing, supportive, helpful, non-judgmental, funny, caring, insightful and articulate…everything you want in a coach.”

“I met my goals in half the time I anticipated it would take with Dave’s help. Outstanding Coach!”

“He asks powerful questions that really moved me and the process forward.”

“Dave Gerber exceeded my expectations from start to finish. Dave is one of the best presenters and trainers I have seen in my 44+ year experience in the industry, with conference attendance and as a board member. Not only can he present extremely well, his content knowledge is extensive and his passion seemed unlimited. Dave would be a great asset to any conference, convention, workshop or training seminar!”

“Dave Gerber’s passionate delivery and relevant information resonated with me, as it did for nearly 100 others in attendance at his recent ‘On Fire Leadership’ seminar at the Washington DC PMI Chapter. His high energy, effective and memorable use of humor and certainly, the exceptional content of his presentation made for a most impressive training experience. He understands the world of work, and more specifically, the world of project management. His integration of fresh approaches to success within the context of projects will prove most useful to me immediately and in the future. I was so impressed with our training day that I am looking forward to hiring Dave for two events of my own.”


CORPORATE TESTIMONIALS / Leadership Training with Dave


“Not only is Mr. Gerber very knowledgeable about his content areas. he establishes excellent rapport with participants. His motivational, positive style encourages others ideas, strategies that have immediate application. Dave brings more energy and life into his work than any other instructor I have experienced!”


“Dave’s particular areas of strength are in program planning and development, education, outreach and counseling. He presents well, is articulate, has a good sense of humor and listens. David is highly successful at facilitating discussions with both small discussion groups of five to ten participants, classroom groups of up to forty people, and at the professional conferences with one to two hundred workshop participants!”


“Thanks to Synergy Development & Training’s original presentation on Sportsmanship, Sports Conflict and Sport Parenting, our branch of the YMCA can now focus on developing long-term programs to improve the overall performance level of student athletes, parents and coaches. Thank you!”


“Awareness and education are two excellent ways to help you eliminate or control loss exposures. Having met personally with Dave, it is clear to see that he has a passion and enthusiasm concerning the development and training of personnel with regard to workplace conflict!”


“Best presentation and training in 39 years of civil service!”


“Dave Gerber is, without reservation, the best volunteer staff member our organization has ever had. His combination of character, skills and dedication has proven to me that he would be a valuable asset to any employer or program.”