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Conflict, sexual harassment, discipline issues are start in schools and in many ways have become pathological…which is why we see these behavhiors in the workplace. Learn more about Dave Gerber’s non-punitive, S.M.A.R.T. Discipline System: From Punishment to Empowerment that can change your schools culture…instantly!


Dave Gerber, M.Ed. is a Master teacher, trainer, coach and much more. Having coached K-12 graders at camp, a Senior Thesis teacher for Graduating Seniors, a Sociology teacher for Juniors and Seniors, a successful JV men’s soccer coach, Dave also started a women’s varsity soccer coach, all while teaching K-12 Educators in the summers on original courses. Dave spoke taught original courses on classroom management and the S.M.A.R.T. Discipline model, Violence, Bullying, Sexual Harassment. He has been an expert on these issues and conflict for decades.

Learn more about what Dave has to offer by writing him about your specific needs. Professional Development for Educators and coaching are essential and Dave offers subjects on:


Bullying and Cyber

Sexual Harassment

Classroom Management and SMART Discipline

Emotional Intelligence

Conflict Management

Self-Healing for Educators

Supporting Schools

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