Leadership Coaching

Of all the “interventions” Leadership Coaching seems to have one of the biggest rewards, not only for individuals but for everyone as the ripple effect is real. Learn more about how to help your high achievers go to the next level, faster!


A successful leadership, life and conflict coach Dave Gerber brings a perspective of 25 years in education, leadership development, consulting, is a certified Black Belt Instructor in Krav Maga (trained by 2 Martial Arts Master Hall of Famers) and a certified Reiki Master. The combination of his extensive education, proven experience in the business, education, non-profit and other industries brings results to clients in half the time expected.

Dave also uses “80-20 Value Billing” and puts “skin in the game” with this type of offer so you know he is truly vested in your results. Contact him directly at Gerber@synergydt.com to discuss customized coaching packages, assessment tools, time frame and other logistics.

Leadership Coaching

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