Conflict Calculator

In less than 3 minutes find out how much your organization is losing to human-related conflicts…is it tens or hundreds of thousands? Is it millions or tens of millions…or more! Bring this information to your CFO and C-suite team and you will see that action will more than pay for itself…


Reality: Conflict is everywhere and getting in the way at every turn. Yet, most organizations have done very little when it comes to giving the needed skills to professionals. While it would have been nice for all parents, teachers and curriculum to have addressed conflict skills as a major life component…businesses can no longer afford to do the same.


We have to knowingly choose to go through the pains to get the gains…we have to walk through the portal of “pain” and create solutions so that it is better on the other side. This is true for our organizations, communities, family and personal life. Business leaders that complete the “ConflictCalculator” and do the very quick calculations you will see the financial dollars lost to workplace conflict are HUGE! This is motivation enough…then we also do it for increased wellness and retention.

Managing Conflict is much easier than it seems, it’s all about getting REAL and proven skills in the hands of everyone in the organization…leaders and professionals at all levels need to show the best practices required to address difficult conversations of every kind. Different combinations of solutions can meet the challenges and provide the skills to turn conflict into “Proflict!”

Synergy Experts will help you create a plan, deliver and watch your successes multiply!

Conflict Calculator

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