Having trained, coached, facilitated or spoken to over 10,000 individuals from more than 40 organizations with professionals at every level, from many different backgrounds. Dave hits Grand Slams and he will be an asset to any program or event…


“Dave Gerber falls into the top 1% of all speakers I have ever seen. I was so impressed with Dave’s programs, performance and process that I was happy to join his efforts on the advisory board.”

-Corporate Officer, Former Military Officer and PMP


“I offer my highest recommendation for Synergy Development and Training to develop and deliver your conflict resolution and coursework.”

-Manager of Performance and Development, Large Pharmaceuticals Company


“Synergy Development and Training offers top-notch service, the highest quality professional development programs and always exceeds my expectations. Don’t fall for the hype of consulting companies that cannot deliver…Synergy is the solution!”

-Chief Learning Officer


“Dave Gerber is like the Tony Robbins of Conflict Management!”

-C Suite Executive


“Dave Gerber is a dynamic, energetic speaker with a valuable message to share. I recommend Dave Gerber and his company to any organization that is interested in minimizing costly conflict.”

-Business Owner, Former President of Large International Association


“The team got a lot out of the training. We will look for opportunities to bring your training to more of our organization in the future.”

-Vice President Operations – Infrastructure, Logistics and Product Solutions Group


“Everyone I talked to remarked on how engaging the programs were and this definitely made for a good learning experience. “

-Program Manager/Vice President


“I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your flexibility in working at Mt. Storm Power Station for Dominion. Several people commented on how good your presentation was in content and delivery and we plan on mentioning it in our quarterly statewide newsletter. Also, I really enjoyed your book. Please keep in touch! Thanks Again!”

-Event Project Manager


“Dave Gerber’s passionate delivery and releveant information resonated with me, as it did for nearly 100 others in attendance at his recent “On Fire Leadership” seminar at the Washington DC PMI chapter. His high energy, effective and memorable use of humor and certainly the exceptional content of his presentation made for a most impressive training experience. He understands the world of work, and more specifically, the world of project management. His integration of fresh approaches to success within the context of projects will prove to be most useful to me immediately and in the future. I was so impressed with our training day that I am looking forward to hiring Dave for two events of my own.”

-Project Manager and Conference Director


“I selected Dave Gerber to be the keynote speaker a thte opening general session of the National League of Cities State League Staff Workshop, which is an annual 2.5 day program sponsored by the NLD for the staffs of state municipal leauges around the country. I am glad that I asked Dave to be the keynote because he was passionate and engaging and did a very good job of connecting with the audience. I received a lot of positive feedback onsite about Dave’s presentation, with several meeting attendees telling me that he knew his subject well and that they learned a lot about team building and conflict resolution. I would recommend Dave Gerber to any organization.

-Manager of State League Programs

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for an excellent learning experience. The leadership training was comprehensive and interactive and accomplished the goals and needs of our managers. We received positive feedback and compliments of the professionalism and knowledge of the facilitators from several participants. Thanks again for all your support to helping us achieve our goal of a high performing organization. All the best!”

Director, Human Resources


“We believe our benefits are the direct result of Dave’s passion for education and training and sincere interest in student success of the project. He has show to be uniquely insightful, flexible and committed to our success. To that end, we will continue to utilize Dave for future projects aimed to increase revenue and productivity, improve communication and reduce our chance of loss and potential lawsuits.”

-Owner, Large Automotive Group


“I just want to say that I enjoyed your presentation on conflict earlier in the week. I might use an example or two from when I have to present at my conference. It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for your insights!”

-Project Manager, Security Education and Training



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